Philips GoPure Replacement Filter For Philips GP5212 Car Air Purifier

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  • Philips Select Filter high efficiency particulate filtration removes fine particles found in car indoor environment and this includes cigarette smoke, pollens, dust, PM2.5 and airborne virus or bacteria superior to 0,3 micron
  • Selective additives embedded in Philips Select Filter, neutralize and eliminate toxic gaseous chemicals from the air through a powerful adsorption and oxidation process and this includes car exhaust fumes, industry pollution, chemicals emitted by plastic materials and finishes used in car interiors, and odour emitting substances
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for Philips Gopure Compact 110, Philips Gopure Compact 100 Airmax, Philips Gopure 3211, Philips GoPure 5212 and Philips Gopure 521 Car Air Purifier.
  • Functional reliability over the entire service interval


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