Refund Policy

a. Any cancellation/exchange made in compliance with the foregoing terms is eligible for payment reversal/replacement of the Product, depending on availability and User preference.

b. Any eligible refund will be initiated by the Company for credit into the same account from which the payment was made by User, within seven (7) working days of receipt of the Request for Cancellation of Order, in the case of Cancellation prior to delivery of the Products, or within seven (7) working days after the Company’s logistics partner picks up the Product(s) from the Users place, in the case of Cancellation of Order after delivery of the Product (s). However, it will be credited to the user’s bank/credit card/debit card account once the refund transaction has been processed by the banking channels. The Company will not be accountable for any charges imposed by the bank for completing the refund transaction, and the same will be borne solely by the customer.

c. Interest Fee Reversal – If a transaction is cancelled for any reason, and if the User used an EMI facility in that transaction, the interest fee debited to the User’s card account may be reversed in accordance with the terms of the respective issuing bank, and the User must contact its card issuing bank directly. The Company recommends that the User notify the card-issuing bank of the transaction cancellation and follow up with the said bank for the refund. The reimbursement of any interest is dependent on the stage of the transaction when it is cancelled and is done in accordance with the card-issuing bank’s conditions.The Company shall not be liable in any way for any delay or issues relating to delay in refund of Interest.

d. In the case of a refund (EMI transactions), even though the amount is credited back to the client’s card, the EMI will be closed only once the customer notifies the bank. The customer must express to the banks his or her intention to close the EMI debt. Furthermore, if the consumer fails to notify the bank, the interest amount that the bank will continue to levy will be borne by the customer. Foreclosure and any additional charges imposed by the customer’s bank will be incurred by the customer.


Cancellation of Order before Dispatch of Products by the Company

a. The Company hereby notifies User that receipt of electronic or other forms of order confirmation does not imply acceptance of User’s order by the Company, nor does it constitute confirmation of the Company’s offer to sell. The Company maintains the right to accept or deny the User’s order for any reason at any time after receipt. The Company also maintains the right to furnish less than the quantity specified by the User at any point following receipt of the order. The company will notify the User if it decides to supply the products in less than the quantity purchased. The user may then approve or disagree with such a modified quantity at its discretion.The Company will consider the user’s order approved after the products or services purchased by the user are shipped or performed as reflected by the Company’s servers. Title to the products and all risk of loss transfer to the user upon delivery. Before approving any order, the Company may request additional verifications or information.

a. The Company reserves the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for Products that are offered at an incorrect price, rebate, or refund, or that contain any other incorrect information or typographical errors. The Company reserves the right to refuse or cancel any such orders, regardless of whether the purchase has been confirmed and the Users credit/debit/cash card has been charged. If the User’s credit/debit/cash card has already been charged for the purchase and the order is cancelled, the Company will immediately credit the User’s credit/debit/cash card account in the amount of the charge.

c. The User may cancel an order for any Product booked on the Website by submitting a “Cancel Order” request.

d. “Cancel Order” can be initiated any time after booking of order but before the status of order changes to “handed over to courier” on the Website.

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