AEI helps to create healthy indoor air quality in school and reduce absenteeism, improve test scores and enhance student and staff productivity. There is substantial evidence that indoor environmental exposure to allergens (such as dust mites, pests, and molds) plays a role in triggering asthma symptoms..In the school where children and teachers spend half of their day and due to CO2, bad odour, dust exacerbates asthma and allergies which can affect their productivity. Air purifiers equipped with HEPA filters, Carbon Filters, Ultraviolet & Photo catalyst filters capture dust particles as small as 50 microns and remove all kinds of pollutants and impurities from the air. Proper ventilation (circulation of air) and better filtration (air cleaning) can cut down on the number of airborne particles that linger when an infected person coughs or exhales indoors.

The respiratory system of kids is really sensitive and a slightly polluted air leads them to illness very easily. Therefore, it is really important that the air inside the school is free of pollutants.Installing an air purification system will also assure parents that their kid’s well-being is taken care of and they are in a safe and healthy environment.We are a leading expert provide fresh air solutions that can meet every need for filtering fresh air and recirculation air in an enclosed area. We know that institutions for learning have the health and well-being of their faculty and students at the forefront of their priorities. If your school does not have proper air purifiers for its classrooms, now is the time to consider getting them. Because each school will have different layouts and classroom sizes, we recommend contacting us directly to help you select the appropriate air purifiers for your classrooms.

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