• AEI analyze your requirements and give you the best advice for your business. Dust in packaging is a big issue; clean air can cut unnecessary expenses.
  • Must to understand for your business..
  • Unnecessary cleaning costs and staff distracted from their actual business.
  • Maintenance costs and downtime as dust gets into machinery.
  • Poor packing to create bad brand building on customer.
  • Dust and corrosion can affect the quality of printing on your packaging
  • Dust and dirt create inefficiencies, affecting machinery and people in a highly competitive sector.

We offer an initial on site assessment and give right suggestion which can help to save money with Industrial air cleaning.

Find the typical monitoring benefits of clean air.

  • 50 % Reduced Sick Leave
  • 30 % Reduced Maintenance   
  • 70 % Reduced Cleaning Cost
  • 10 % Reduced Down Time
  • 30 % Reduced Heating Cost

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