Concerned about the Air Purification or COVID-19 or cross infection or CO2? Want to protect your employee and enhance your staff productivity at work? Just want to breathe cleaner air?

We can help you select the right Air Purification System for your needs, whether you have a cubical, big hall, cabin, meeting room, food court, conference room, server room or washroom or a 500,000 sq ft office complex.

Air Expert India will evaluate your office, commercial-industrial-institutional, business or facility for the most effective application of air purification technology to reduce odours, harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC), allergens, mould mycotoxins, and pathogens including viruses and bacteria, such as the flu, corona virus, nor virus, and the like. Protect your health by protecting your environment.

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Air pollution sources in office area

Printers and photocopiers machine emit gases.

Decoration or furniture materials emit Volatile Organic Compounds toxic to human health.

The use of disinfecting and cleaning products generates irritating chemical particle emissions.

CO2 problems are common problem in offices.

Dust mites can be found in soft furnishings such as curtains, carpet, rugs or fabric-covered armchairs.

Air pollution sources in office area

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