Philips Car Air Purifier with 3 Color AQI GP5211

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Hassle-free automatic filtration

  • Filters harmful PM2.5 fine particles in less than 10 min.
  • Quickly remove toxic gases like exhaust fumes from your car
  • Removes harmful NO2/SO2 fumes coming from traffic
  • Airmid certified filter removes 90% of airborne allergens
  • 3-level color air sensor detects fine particles PM2.5

Technical Specifications

  • Product description

    Automatic On/Off
    Filter replacement indicator
    Fragrance dispenser
    Speed settings
    3, Auto/Boost/Silent
    Filter Lifetime
    350  hr
    • Car air purifier
    • 3-Color AQI and monitoring
    • Select Filter Plus
    Color Black
    Designation GP5211
    App enabled No
    Air quality indicator (AQI)
    • 3 color AQI
    • 3 step
    Noise level (dbA)(Low) 40 dBA
    • Armrest
    • Central console
    • Headrest
    Voltage [V] 12V DC
    Air particle sensor Yes, IR sensor
    Noise level (dbA)(Boost/high) 55 dBA
    Noise level (dbA)(Medium) 50 dBA
    Power [W] 3
    Pre-Cleaning function
    • No
    • N/A
    Frequency N/A
  • Performance

    Filtration Toluene CADR of 11m3/hour
    Filtration TVOC CADR of 11m3/hour
    Filtration Formaldehyde CADR of 6m3/hour
    Filtration bacteria/virus 70  %
    Boost mode Yes
    Filtration Car exhaust SO2/NO2 CADR of 7.9 and 13 m3/hour
    Filtration of fine particles CADR of 16 m3/hour